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Why Reputa

Why Reputa?

  • Do you know out of 500+ MPs in Indian Parliament, 29 have been accused of spouse abuse, 7 arrested for fraud, 19 have more than 3 criminal cases pending against them and 117 have been CHARGED and are being investigated for Murder, Rape, Assort, Extortion and Robbery?
  • Do you think election commission should do a thorough background check and only allow candidates with clean record only to contest election?
  •  Do you think there are rouges in companies too?
  •  Do you run a Company?
  •  Do you ensure while hiring that the person you are hiring has clean background?
  •  Do you ensure whether the person you are interviewing is not faking his resume? (15-24% resumes in India are fake and 33% have misrepresented facts)
  •  Do you have peace of mind that your IT Team is not keeping things loose for other to exploit? (75% of IT Security Incidents are caused from within the company only)
  •  Have you had incidents of corporate thefts that you just didn’t know how to report without expensive and tiring lawsuit? (Police Complaint/Legal solution in India takes almost 20 years)
  •  Do you think any of your ex-employee has leaked your company secrets wrongfully?
  •  Do you have internal politics by few people who spread negative rumors and thereby create low employee morale?
  •  Do you have high employee turn-over and people disappearing and joining competitors without servicing notice period?
  • Do you think your HR is strict enough to take action on any reported incident and this action will impact the candidate so he does not carry wrongful acts again?
  •  Do you think your HR sometimes does not enforce company rules because of him/her having relationship for years with the employee?
  •  Your employees are your business, your productivity, and your business image. Approximately 36% of all applications contain some untruths – from distortions involving educational degrees, stretching dates of employment, inflating salaries, and omitting criminal convictions.
  • If there was a service available that puts checks on corporate fraud with a solid company at a fraction of annual cost to employee, would you consider it?

Have you heard about Reputa India?

Finding the right candidate can be difficult. In 15 minutes interview can’t judge the right person. It’s not surprising that many organizations are tempted to immediately pursue applicants who appear to meet or surpass all requirements on paper, i.e. on their resumes. However, well-run companies know that to minimize the costly threat of fraud and misconduct, the process of identifying the right candidates should include HR screening to verify that information provided by candidates is legitimate. By selecting Reputa to power your pre-employment screening strategy, you are protecting your organization. Reputa adds cost-saving, decision-making information earlier in the HR cycle than conventionally possible, allowing them to bypass unhirable candidates and to only fully review hirable candidates.

Our industry leading solutions can help with “Reputation Management” & “Fraud Prevention.”

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