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Leadership Training

Leadership Training and Development Workshops


Your Leaders Are Your Organization’s Role Models

Are your managers and supervisors setting the right example as role models for the organization? Many organizations today are experiencing a leadership gap within their management team. Managers and supervisors may possess the job skills to get things done and the control skills to keep employees in line, but if they don’t have strong leadership skills the leadership gap can have devastating effects on the organization. Them attitude can develop between employees and management, resulting in the Dilbert Syndrome. When managers lack effective leadership skills, then teamwork, motivation and productivity always suffer. The solution: Reputa’s leadership training program for your managers and supervisors.

Customized Leadership Training for Your Team

We can customize a leadership development workshop to specifically meet the needs of your management team. In designing the workshop, Reputa will work with you on the phone to gather information about your organization, your managers, and your training objectives. You will then receive a complete proposal, including a detailed workshop outline and agenda. The cost is surprisingly low when compared to sending individuals to canned, public seminars, but the value is significantly higher. Your managers and supervisors are your management team, and by giving them focused, customized training together as a group, it ensures consistency and targeted effectiveness.

A One-Time Training Seminar / Workshop or an Ongoing Leadership Development Program

We can design a single leadership development workshop for all your managers and supervisors, or we can design different workshops for managers at different levels. The members of your executive team have different training needs than your front-line supervisors, so in designing a program for you, we take the size of your organization, management levels and management experience into account. If you are looking for a comprehensive training program, we can structure a five-day workshop, or an ongoing program with half or full-day sessions on a quarterly basis.

Leadership Training is a Sound Investment

Your managers and supervisors are the role models for your organization. Give them the training and the tools to model leadership and to build the spirit of teamwork throughout your organization. Your investment in a leadership development seminar / workshop is a sound investment, and is perhaps the best investment you can make. Contact us today for a price quote and a detailed outline for a customized training program for your management team.