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Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

Are You Looking to Hire Employees on Temporary Basis?

Whether you are trying out a new concept or do not have bandwidth to do payroll, administer resources or are looking for a niche specialized manpower for short period, you can look at contract staffing as an option.

The bigest concern established companies have with the new hires is loyalty and performance of new hires during first six months. If there is an attrition in new hires during first six months, it has a severe negative impact on organization’s other resources. So many companies now have started prefering contract to hire model where they guage the resources during first six months and then if there are synergies they pay a transfer fee and hire the resources full time on their payroll.

Whether you are looking for long term contract resources of contract to hire resources, you can contact Reputa India team on 91+ 8160918279 and discuss your needs.

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