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Background Check

Background Check

Reputa provides a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and employment screening solutions specially designed to reduce the time and cost associated with hiring processes. Our Background Check services include:

Physical Verification

Physical verification of current/permanent address. A physical visit is made at the address of the candidate to determine whether the candidate has lived at the given address or not. If required, an address proof to confirm the residence is checked.

Education Verification

Verifying educational institution and degree has attained paramount importance in the HR manager’s check list thanks to the increasing numbers of forged educational certificates being presented by prospective candidates for securing critical, high-paying jobs. Reputa helps to eliminate the risk of hiring someone with false education credentials by confirming the status of the individual’s certificate and standing with the issuing authority. The records of the relevant educational institution are accessed to verify the qualification of the candidate. The institution is also cross-checked with Reputa’s database of fake and unaccredited universities including so-called degree mills.

Employment Check

Verify employment details such as claimed employment period, position, reporting manager, compensation, and eligibility to rehire. Also check professional abilities and personal reputation through objective interview with Supervisor/HR.

Document Check

Verify employment details such as claimed service period, position, reporting manager, compensation, and eligibility to rehire. Also check professional abilities and personal reputation through objective interview with Supervisor/HR.

Drug Use Verification Test

Under this examination, urine samples of subjects will be examined for either or all (as per your requirement) of the following drugs and a report explaining the findings from a certified doctor will be enclosed along with our report:

• Alcohol
• Barbiturates
• Cannabanoids
• Phencyclidine
• Cocaine
• Amphetamine
• Opiates

Media Background Search

Search will be carried out on the web to verify if any information is available on the web regarding the subject. If found the information will be analyzed and incorporated into the profile of the subject available with us.


Reference checks

Reference Check conducted from contacts provided by the candidate. 5-7 question interviews are conducted to give an objective score on professional and personal attributes. Questions may be customized and more questions may be added based on client requirements. This system enables HR to gain insight into crucial factors such as attitude towards job, zeal with which the work is done, teamwork, problem solving skills, honesty, etc

Incident Check

Reputa clients gain access to our exclusive Past Incident Database including reports of employee and customer theft and other incidents. Clients can submit and retrieve incident data on a regular basis. If the employee leaves under undesirable circumstances, the employer can submit the specific incident against the employee. This is a unique solution from Reputa to strongly enforce ethical compliance in your industry.

Criminal Check

Includes identifying the police station that has jurisdiction over present or permanent residential address of the candidate and confirming through the police records on the status. A copy of candidate’s ID and address proof is required.

You Get Background Screening Services With Reputa

The power to order and manage checks via the Web (or pre-integrated solution) using Reputa checks (Web based software) that helps you beyond pre-screening. We send an email notification any time a “Hit” is added to a report. Why wait until a report is complete if the report already contains disqualifying information? View in-progress reports and you may be able to make a hiring decision (not to hire) immediately and direct your attention to viable candidates. Reputa emails notification of report completion when reports are available for secure viewing online.