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Resume Writing

Resume Writing and Job Search Workshop

Are you looking for advice on writing a great resume? You’ve come to the right place. Reputa will help you build a solid and effective resumes.

Why Should You Write a Resume?

* To get an interview for a job or internship.
* To prepare for the graduate school admissions process.
* To be ready for networking opportunities.

What Is the Purpose of a Resume?

* To demonstrate that you are a viable candidate based on your qualifications.
* To present your professional image and establish your credibility in writing.
* To provide an example of your written communication skills.

The Placement season is just around the corner, are you ready with your resumes?
Will your resume impress potential employers and get you the all-important interview call?
Does you resumes do justice to the academic and internship experience you have had so far?

With Reputa Workshops You Will Get

* Walk the candidates through individual sections of a resume and how best to differentiate one within a standard (technical/non-technical) resume format.
* Provide “before” and “after” slides using resume samples to help them recognize how to best leverage their skills and experience.
* Provide inputs on how to make the resume industry-specific (Banking and Finance, Consultancy, Information Technology, Health and Education, Manufacturing/Process and Defense/R&D).
* Address specific resume-related questions submitted by participants before the event in the interactive part of the session.

Exclusive Benefit

If you would like a Reputa expert to review your resume and provide a feedback, Please Register yourself for Reputa Resume Writing Workshop. You may be one of the lucky attendees of the workshop to get his/her resume edited by Reputa Experts.